This keyboard was produced for ICL DRS systems M80. NMB keyboard version was later changed out for a Fujitsu version as ICL was partnering with Fujitsu and later bought out by Fujitsu. The keyboard overall is very flimsy and likes to creak when being moved. 


This keyboard was OEMed for ICL DRS:


This keyboard is the only keyboard that comes with a tactile spacebar where all other tactile keyboards made by NMB came with a linear switch for the spacebar. Due to the spring weight being very heavy the spacebar feels less tactile compared to a normal switch. The spacebar switch is only identified with a dot on the top of the slider compared to other switches in the keyboard. 


The keycaps are made out of PBT with dye-sublimated legends. These keycaps are unique to this keyboard as they use a different font and unique colorway. The keycaps can be found in two different versions. One with normal legends and another one with terminal like legends. The example in the Gallery section is the M80 and other models don't contain the same front facing legends and the other terminal legends.

The keyboard with terminal like legends also have front facing legends as well the describe other operations that can be performed with the keys.

Upper Case

The upper case is made out of a single piece of beige ABS plastic. The plastic is textured due to the molding process that is used to create the upper case.

Lower Case 

The cases is made out of a single piece of beige ABS plastic. The plastic is textured due to the molding process that is used to create the lower case. The lower case feet are super flimsy and feel like that they are going to break when moved from the retracted to the out position. The lower case also contains a cable cutter where the cable can be routed to either side of the keyboard.

Switch Plate

The switch plate is made out of stamped steel. The plate is coated in black paint and oil coating to prevent rust.


The PCB is a double-sided PCB with all traces on the backside of the PCB. The controllers found on the PCB vary, some later models have been found with both Toshiba and Mitsubishi controllers.


The cable is a long coiled cable about 2 meters long when fully stretched. The cable terminates on one end with a PS2 connector and the other end with a 6 pin molex connector.



Model Sticker

Front Printing

Front Printing 


Top Mold Markings



Front Printing


PCB Markings

Bottom Mold Markings


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