This keyboard was OEMed for Symbolics. This keyboard contains NMB switches and used an NMB switch plate but the rest of the keyboard does not appear to be built but NMB. This includes the PCB which uses a different type of construction where it connects to a daughterboard that contains the controller. Additionally, the keycaps are not the same NMB profile that is used across all NMB 725 series keyboards.

The keyboard’s layout is unique to this keyboard:



The keycaps are made out ABS with doubleshot legends. The legends are different than NMB legends and are centered. Additionally, the keycap profile does not match anything that NMB produced. The keycaps are friction fit with hot glue keeping them on. This seems to be OEM from the maker due to them not having the exact molds. The keyboard was produced after NMB set up their production in Thailand. 

Upper Case

The upper case is made out of a single piece of beige ABS plastic. The plastic is textured due to the molding process that is used to create the upper case.

Lower Case

The lower case is stamped and bent metal. 

Switch Plate

The switch plate is made out of stamped steel. The plate has deeper stamping around the switches so that the entire switch plate could be produced with less material. The plate is only coated with a clear coat.


The PCB is a double-sided PCB with all traces on the backside of the PCB. 





Model Sticker

Main Switches

Spacebar Switches

Mold Marks




PCB Markings

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